In the Workshop - Music Therapy

In the Workshop - Music Therapy

December 24, 2017

Music has a way of permeating a room.

It has the power to influence, set the mood, and make you feel alive. Music is therapy.

What’s playing in the studio today? The mighty SOUNDGARDEN. In memory of the late and legendary Chris Cornell, I’m reminiscing on the deep lyrics and powerful voice of one of the greats.


Feel the rhythm with your haaaands
Steal the rhythm while you can...
Speak the rhythm on your oooown
Speak the rhythm all alone
Save meeeee


Among my favorite memories in the early 90’s as a 20something are adventures in walking the streets of downtown Seattle. I often found joy in watching the street performers, among them was Artis the Spoonman. Whenever I hear this song it transports me to a place when I was wide-eyed and the world was still new and grunge was in its height. This song is such a legendary riff. Besides, how many songs feature spoons?!



If you're not familiar I highly recommend checking out the iconic album "Superunknown" including other hits like Fell on Black Days, Black Hole Sun and The Day I tried to Live. So good.


Rock On

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