Inside the Workshop: Working with Natural Colors

November 11, 2016

Working with Natural Colors

Come take a peek into our workshop and see what we're doing now. Have you ever wondered where our pretty soap colors come from? Here's an exclusive look into our studio. We've been playing with natural plants and clay to come up with some new soap colors. Here's what we've been toying with.

  • Moringa, said to be one of the most nutrient dense plants is one of the newest superfoods for your body. It's high in vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. And it gave us a beautiful, soft celery green color. 
  • Madder Root. Since antiquity madder root has been cultivated as a color for textiles, leather and other goods. Our testing yielded shades of berry red.
  • Indigo has been used since ancient times as a natural colorant. The powder comes from stems and leaves of indigo containing plants. Indigo produces a muted shade of blue similar to faded blue jeans. 
  • Alkanet Root. The powdered form is from the dried root of the alkanet plant and produces a dark purple color.
  • Annatto Seed. Also known as achiote, these red seeds come from the annatto tree and imparted a golden yellow tint to our soap.


Mountain Girl Soap


Some other natural materials that provide color to our soaps include activated charcoal, Red Moroccan clay, calendula flower petals, Rose Clay, and French Green Clay. 

Mountain Girl Soaps never contain dyes. We don't need to. Nature provides an abundance of earth-tone hues, some vibrant and some muted. You can rest assured because we've done all the homework for you. We make living sustainably easy.

Keep calm and lather on.  


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