Product Care

Bar Soap
Mountain Girl Soap is handcrafted with premium plant oils and hand-picked botanicals, and scented with pure essential oils.  My cold process bar soaps are thoroughly cured on drying racks to ensure a mild bar. Every step of my process is intentional; I hand-stir, hand-pour, hand-cut, and hand-wrap everything. Extend the life of your soap with these tips.

  • Keep your soap bar dry between uses.
  • We recommend draining excess water with a slotted soap dish.
  • Use within one year from the time of opening to ensure liveliness of aroma and enjoy its goodness at the peak of freshness.

Foaming Cleanser, Facial Serum, Toning Mist, Body Oil 
My formulas are hand-blended and then poured into amber-colored glass bottles to protect the integrity of the precious oils. Each micro-batch is created fresh in my studio and under ideal conditions, my products remain stable one year after opening, but as with perishable items we suggest using frequently once unsealed to enjoy their vitality and vibrancy.