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Our Story

Mountain Girl Soap ® is our line of handmade soap and apothecary goods that we designed to help women celebrate the native plants and culture of the Pacific Northwest. Ruggedly sophisticated and feminine, and infused with a bit of adventure, our collection of soap and body products is thoughtfully crafted in the foothills of the southern Cascade Mountains.

Our story began in 2009 when we moved from the Puget Sound in the shadow of Mt. Rainier to the picturesque foothills of Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Among the successes in our quest for adventure and sustainable living, Mountain Girl Soap ® was born. 

In the beginning, limited availability of ingredients made staying true to locally sourced raw materials a bit challenging. Today, we are darn proud of our partnerships with local growers, as these relationships have been key in obtaining ingredients from our region. We also rise to the sourcing challenge by joyfully reaping the wealth of our own cultivated native plant garden; and we revel in the seasonal opportunities to wild harvest plants in our locale.

Celebrating native plants of the Pacific Northwest helps us to feel more connected than ever to our local area. Paying tribute to our West Coast culture, giving back to our community and supporting local businesses gives us a sense of pride and belonging.

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Our Manifesto

At Mountain Girl Soap ® we believe that native plants of the Pacific Northwest are unlike any others in the world. These immensely diverse habitats define our landscape, offer us a sense of place, pride and belonging and they provide the setting for our distinctive culture. From the Cascades to the Puget Sound to the Redwood Forests, we are proud to call the West Coast home. 

We are passionate about a world that celebrates wild places. We want to live in a world with clean air, clean water and clean energy. A world where the earth’s ecosystems and resources are used responsibly.

We refuse to be wasteful, use artificial raw materials, disrespect nature, obscure ingredient lists and make false claims.

We choose to be transparent, promote environmental accountability and be guardians of the natural world. We choose to create plant-based products and source our ingredients regionally. We revel in every opportunity to celebrate our unique heritage.

Join our tribe and become a wildly adventurous, crusader of the Pacific Northwest!



Our Founder

Do you adore the Pacific West Coast? From the San Juan Islands to the Emerald City and from Mt. Shasta to the shores of Northern California. Me too, Sister. It’s the best place in the world isn’t it?!

My name is Naomi Murray and I am an HSCG Certified Master Soap Maker and the founder of Mountain Girl Soap ®. Can I just say that I love this place we call home? Its rugged mountain territory, fresh air, and native flora fuels my passion for creating soap that is reflective of this region as seen by the earthy touches you'll see in my choice of raw materials and pure nature-inspired scent blends. 

How did I begin making soap? In 2006, I was helping my husband slaughter a steer that we raised on our 11 acres to feed our family. As I looked at the large pile of waste (hooves, hide, organs, fat, etc.) my thoughts went to how the Native Americans never wasted any part of the buffalo. And then I remembered how in the “old days” people used to make soap from animal fat. Desiring to live more sustainably I was curious to learn about this time-honored, artisanal craft of soap making. We already grew and canned our own food, I sew and knit, we keep bees, and so it felt really natural to make soap, too. We saved the kidney fat (suet) from the steer and rendered our own tallow. The stench in my kitchen from rendering was horrid, but I’ll never forget my very first batch of earthy soap. It was a drab gray rectangular chunk of the smoothest, hardest, longest lasting soap I’d ever used. Today, I no longer use animal derived materials. I now use high-quality vegetable oils for all of my soaps and products.

When I’m not in my workshop you can find me wrestling with my two Boston Terriers, Raven and Rogue while listening to Sound Garden, Pearl Jam and the Cranberries. Some other things about me: I played the clarinet in school, I’m an advanced certified scuba diver, and I love wood-fired pizza.


There is no Wi-Fi in the forest but I promise you’ll find a better connection...


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Giving Back

Your passion is our passion, too, and we love giving back. We are proud to give ongoing support to several organizations that share our passion to conserve and protect native flora.


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    What People are Saying...

    “Wow, I was amazed at the incredible scent of the soap not to mention how quickly it rubbed up into a thick, rich lather. I am impressed!! So refreshing! I look forward to trying each scent. You have found a way to create a synergy filled with Natures love in each bar. I am hooked Naomi on Mountain Girls Soaps and look forward to using them from now on!!!! Thank you again for your talent and for bringing us a product which truly speaks volumes in quality and workmanship!!” – R.C. Avenue, Maryland


    “Your soaps are the best thing that ever happened to my skin. I use them on my face daily and have for about a year. Your soap changed my life and I'm sure it could help other people, too.” – Rachelle K, Napa, California



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